There are Cozumel beaches and beach clubs both the north and south of town.
The town on Cozumel is San Miguel, but everyone simply calls it Cozumel.  It is on the western side of the island and it faces the mainland of Mexico. 

There are also Cozumel beaches on the other side of the island (the eastern side) and since the island is only about 10 miles wide it does not take long to get there.  Swimming on the eastern side of the island can be dangerous since it faces the open ocean and there can be a very strong undertow and currents. We recommend swimming only at Cozumel beach clubs, and only in areas marked off as safe. 

Just to the south of town there is a public beach called Playa Caletitas (photo below) with a beach club and restaurant.  

Cozumel public beach south of town

Beginning about 7-8 miles south of town there are 4 Cozumel beach clubs right in a row.  
Ocean, Carlos n Charlies, San Francisco and Paradise Beach

Beach club bar Cozumel
Cozumel beach at Ocean  beach club
Ocean beach club pool-Cozumel

Above are photos of Ocean Beach Club bar, beach and swimming pool


Cozumel beach club Carlos n Charlies
Cozumel beach club Carlos n Charlies
Cozumel beach club Carlos n Charlies

Above are photos are of Carlos n Charlies Beach Club


Cozumel beach club San Francisco
Cozumel beach at San Francisco beach Club
Massage area at San Francisco Beach Club

The photos above are of San Francisco Beach Club


Cozumel Paradise Beach Club
Paradise Beach Club sandy beach - Cozumel
Swimming pool at Paradise Beach - Cozumel

Above are photos of Paradise Beach Club - Cozumel


 To the north of there are very few sandy beaches with easy entry into the water.
One Cozumel beach club north of town is called Buccanos, and another is called Playa Azul.

Buccanos Beach Club and Restaurant Cozumel
Swimming pool at Buccanos Beach Club Cozumel
Cozumel Buccanos Beach Club Restaurant and Bar

Buccanos (photos above) is a beautiful beach club with a swimming pool, a very good restaurant, lounge chairs,  a sandy beach area, clean restrooms, etc.  Mon.-Sat. there can be a lot of cruise ship people here so it can be crowded.  Sunday is a great time to go.  There is a charge to enter but you will receive "tickets" showing how much has been paid and what you have paid applies to any food or drinks you order.  It's a great deal, and Buccanos is a Beach Club where you can stay all day if you wish. 

There are a number of Cozumel beach clubs on the eastern side of the island.  The eastern side of the island is a protected area, and the law right now is that no new construction can be built with man-made materials.  This is a beautiful area, but since it is open to the ocean and the undertow and currents can be strong, so please only swim at protected areas at the beach clubs.

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