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Cozumel Restaurants

In general, restaurants on Cozumel are quite good and very reasonably priced so don't miss the "flavor" of Cozumel Island.

Cozumel Dining Reviews and Recommendations

Cozumel Favorite Restaurants (October 2014)
These favorites listed below are not ads, but our personal recommendations.


Since my first dinner at Kinta (and the many, many that have followed)  it's been my favorite Cozumel restaurant.  The food is extraordinarily good, it's presented beautifully, they have a selection of wine and it's a relaxed atmosphere where you are made to feel very  welcome.  Dine inside in air conditioning or in their delightful garden.  The prices are quite reasonable for the high quality they offer.   I recommend reservations as they are very popular. Call   869-0544.  On  Ave 5 between Calle 2 and Calle 4.  Open Tues.-Sun. 5:30pm to 11pm. 

La Cocay restaurant
La Cocay

An excellent restaurant,  La Cocay is on Calle 8, between Ave. 10 and Ave. 15.  Wonderful food and a great atmosphere. They updated their menu and have a wide range of choices and the rates are quite reasonable.  There is a dining area inside that is air conditioned, or you can dine outdoors.   The atmosphere is lovely and for a special dinner celebration La Cocay is good choice.   The food has been consistently good and it is beautifully presented. They recently opened for Sundays also, so now they are open Monday-Sunday from 5:30 to 11pm.   Call for reservations  872-5533.

Chi Chinese restaurant

Another choice that's among my favorites Chi Chinese Restaurant and Bar. It's upstairs at the corner of Melgar (the oceanfront street) and Calle 3. The entrance and stairs are on Calle 3, just before you get to Pizza Hut. Dine inside in air conditioning or you can choose to dine outside. You'll have a wonderful ocean view and superb food. It's a great success!  They open  for their Sunday, all you can eat  buffet at 12 noon.   There is now a second location of Chi, and it's on the second floor of the tall building right across from Puerta Maya cruise ship pier. 


Kondesa is on Ave. 5 just a few blocks south of the main square between Calle 5 and Calle 7.  They are open Tuesday - Sunday from 5pm to 11pm.   Really wonderful food and a marvelous atmosphere. You will experience a contemporary Mexican dining experience in an outdoor tropical garden setting. I love the tortilla soup, and often have it as my entree although it's listed as an appetizer.  Recently I tried an appetizer called Firewater and I loved that.  Although the basis is Mexican cuisine, you will find influences of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine.  I'd recommend making a reservation, particularly during high season. You can call  869-1086 or email them at 


Great Italian food, excellent pizza and lasagna. On the main waterfront street (Ave. Rafael Melgar) north of the main plaza, between Calle 6 and Calle 8.  Dine  out on their patio. Nice for an evening meal, but I've enjoyed a number of lunches there too.   Their "puffy" garlic bread is delicious and I order it every time I eat there. The sangria is wonderful. They now take both Visa and MasterCard and are open Mon-Sat. from 11am to 11pm.  There is an area just inside that is air conditioned, but I normally sit out on the patio in the evening. They have some unusual beers...I recently tried a fruit flavored beer and it was delicious.

Wet Wendy's

I do love their margaritas.  On the rocks or frozen, and they make some very unusual flavors. The menu includes everything from hamburgers, onion rings and fries to Mexican and TexMex dishes. They have vegetarian fare plus ribs and chicken dishes.  Try something with their mango chipolte sauce, or how about one of their great  burritos?  In the pedestrian area of the downtown square on Ave. 5 between Juarez and Calle 2. If you are standing in the square at the big clock tower with your back to the ocean you are on Ave. 5. Go to the left across Juarez and about a 1/2 block later on the left you'll see the tables and umbrellas. They normally open about 11am. 

El Moro

Authentic Mexican food  at reasonable prices.  I like their grilled fish in garlic and lime and love their chicken burrito.  The Mexican platter for 2 will give you a wide variety and El Moro's chicken mole is popular. Off the tourist  path, so take a taxi if you don't know the island. Otherwise, it's on 75th Ave. Norte Bis kind of behind the new Pemex gas station. They open about 12:30pm pm and I understand they are closed Thursdays.  DIRECTIONS: Go out Juarez, away from the ocean. Go past Ave. 65, and just before the Pemex gas station turn left.  On the second street, turn right (there is a little sign) then go one more street and turn right again.  Look for El Moro on the right. If you are driving, best to go during the day the first time so you will know where it is. 

Del Sur 

Del Sur is now on the corner of Calle 3 and Ave. 5.  They make Argentinean empanadas (empanadas are like little turnovers in a pastry shell).  I can't list all the varieties they have but I tried the beef with spices; the cheese, tomato and basil and the cheese, bacon and plum.  Just recently had the cheese, pepperoni and jalapeno and I like that too.  All are delicious and they have wonderful salads, excellent chicken and beef. Their dessert menu includes a fantastic banana/chocolate empanada but my favorite for dessert is apple/cinnamon. They are open about 5pm.

Rock N Java Cafe

Quite good and reasonable prices. My favorites are the croissant sandwiches and they make wonderful desserts you just won't believe. (German chocolate cake, pecan pie, fudge brownies, banana muffins, cherry cheesecake, etc.) Great iced cappuccino too. They have a good selection of vegetarian dishes. On Melgar, the main waterfront street, south of the new Punta Langosta Plaza.  They have also opened a Sushi and Thai Noodle Bar that is now downstairs in the Mega grocery store mall. A great idea for take-out.  Order first, do your grocery shopping and then pick up your order to go. 

Casa Denis
Casa Denis

Downtown on the main square. The food is good and their prices very reasonable. Took a group of 8 and everyone was pleased with their selections. We included a wide range of tastes, from a 3 year old to those of us that love highly seasoned foods. We dined at the tables outside to enjoy the breeze. Located on the right side of the main plaza square, in the second block back. This is one of the oldest restaurants on Cozumel and it's a family tradition.  

Las Palmeras restaurant
Las Palmeras

Right across the street from the ocean in the middle of town, this restaurant is almost directly across from the ferry to the mainland. Good food, and it's presented well.   Good margaritas, good guacamole and salsa.  The hamburgers here have a charcoal grilled taste and I really like that. Very much a tourist spot, but still good.

El Museo

On the main waterfront street (Ave. Rafael Melgar) north of the main plaza, on the second floor covered terrace of the museum. You'll enjoy a beautiful view of the water and the breeze is lovely.  It's a wonderful places to go for breakfast and the prices are reasonable.   Great banana pancakes. Although they do serve sandwiches, etc. for lunch they serve breakfast the entire time they are open. Open from 7am to 2pm. 

Guidos' Deli

Guido's Deli is at the corner of Ave. 15 and Calle 10. They are open from 8:30am til 5pm and serve breakfast, brunch and lunch. Also, they have a deli filled with marvelous goodies that you can purchase and take home with you.  The garden area where you can sit and eat is charming and they normally have a lunch special each day.  Their quiche is very good (the bacon onion is my favorite) plus sandwiches, soups, etc.   

Zermatt Bakery
Zermatt Bakery

Not a restaurant, but I had to include's my favorite bakery, and you really should try Mexican pastries. If you're on the square downtown, walk to the back of the main square (where the clock is), then go to the left about 2 blocks. Zermatt is at the corner of 5 Ave. North and Calle 4 North.

Isla Bella

Not a restaurant, but if you love chocolate I'd recommend a trip to Chocolateria Isla Bella.  They opened in the spring of 2012. They are still experimenting with the hours they are open, but I normally stop by between 12 noon and 8pm Mon-Sat and that has worked.  There are a number of restaurants in the area, and after a meal at Especias, Sorrisi, Chi or Del Sur, their chocolates make a delightful dessert. If you are here on vacation and want to take home a box of your favorites,  buy them a day or two before you leave and if possible, freeze them before the flight home. I'm fond of orange flavored chocolate and they made a special batch to order for me and had them ready the next day. They are on Calle 3, between the oceanfront street and Ave. 5. 

American Fast 

Just in case you get a craving (or your kids do) for Burger King, a Subway sandwich, Dominos pizza or Pizza Hut when you're visiting Cozumel, we do have all these here.  

Other American franchises now on Cozumel include Starbucks, Hooters and Hard Rock Cafe. 

Local restaurants with low prices & grocery stores
These are personal recommendations based on experience

Cameron Dorado

They make delicious breaded shrimp tacos and tortas (sandwiches) . The breaded shrimp are put on either a tortilla for the little tacos or a sandwich roll for a torta. They are topped with a little mayonnaise and sliced onion. Really delicious, and the prices are very reasonable. They are on the transversal road (Ave. Juarez) about a mile or so past Ave. 65.  Open Monday through Saturday from 7am to 2:30pm.


On Ave. 5 downtown, between Calle 3 and Calle 5. Open for lunch only from 12 noon to 4pm Mon-Fri. The menu changes daily and is written on a white board. Eat inside, or walk through the kitchen and out to their garden in back.  Prices are very, very reasonable and include soup, your main course and daily drink (usually jamaica - pronounced ha MIKE ah). The food is delicious. 


Great for tacos!  I really like the tacos al pastor and the chicken tacos, but my very favorite is the "gringa", but without pineapple.  Prices are very reasonable.  They are on Ave. 15, between Salas and Calle 3.  Many times you can find parking on the street but there is a parking lot there too.  Open only in the evenings. 
Grilled chicken
Asadero el Pollo
Small, grilled chicken place on 30th Ave. south across the street from Ace Hardware,  between Calle Morelos and Calle 5 Sur. They close when they run out of chicken…it can be as early as 3pm or as late as 7pm. Prices are low, this grilled chicken is DELICIOUS, and it comes with bags of rice, salsa, onions, and lots of corn tortillas. Mostly for take out, but they do have one table inside.
Nino's Pizza
Nino's Pizza
Great to have pizza delivered! I'm particularly fond of their pepperoni pizza. Their English is not fantastic but it is improving and I've always received what I ordered, normally delivered within about-30 minutes. They are on 10th Ave. between Ave. Salas and Calle 3, and their phone number is 872-4166. 
 There are a number  of other good, small, local restaurants offering hearty meals at local prices.  

Mega (grocery)
Mega is now the largest grocery store on the island with a huge assortment of foods plus clothing, electronics, appliances, a bakery, etc.   You'll find a wonderful selection of meat, cheese, and loads of prepared foods also. I bought the BBQ ribs and really liked them. There is also a restaurant section too.  They are on the main oceanfront street between Calle 11 and Calle 7.  They are marked on our online map

Chedraui (grocery)
Another  large grocery store! They have an ATM machine,  groceries, a pharmacy, deli, bakery, cosmetics, liquor, clothing, appliances, etc.! On the main waterfront street,  at the corner of Calle 15.  They do have an area with prepared food that you can either take home, or you can sit down and eat there. See the online map for the location.

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