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Cozumel Beaches Close to Town

Playa Calatitas, just south of the main downtown area

Cozumel beaches-Caletita

Cozumel beach-Caletita

Cozumel beaches lighthouse

Playa Calatita is about 1 1/2 miles south of the main square downtown.  There is a man made sandy beach area, a walkway, a grassy area and palapas for shade.  There are also showers and a new restaurant. Currently, the sand here is coarse, and there is a narrow area where you can walk into the water.  

Playa Casitas, north of the main downtown area

Cozumel beaches-Casitas

Cozumel beaches-Casitas

Cozumel beaches-Casitas

This public beach, Playa Casitas, is about 1 1/2 miles north of the main square and just a couple of blocks north of the airport road. There is some natural sand here and additional, fine sand has been added.  
A nice public beach area with reasonable entry to the ocean.  

Cozumel Beaches South, on the Western Side of the Island

Money Bar Beach Club

Cozumel beach club

Cozumel beach club

Cozumel beach club

Cozumel beach club

Only about 4 miles south of town you'll find the Money Bar Beach Club at Dzul Ha Reef.
It's not only close to town, it's one of the best places on the island to snorkel.  They have BeachComber Watersports offering snorkeling tours, snorkel equipment for rent, glass bottom kayaks and boogie boards for rent too. 
In addition, the Money Bar has a good restaurant that's open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Cozumel beach club UVAS Cozumel beach club-Uvas

Cozumel beach club-Uvas

Uvas Beach Club is on the old oceanfront road, about 5 miles south of the downtown area on the western side of the island.  There is an entry fee here.

About 8 miles south of town there are 3 beach clubs.  They are Ocean, San Francisco and Paradise Beach.  The entries for Ocean and San Franchisct Beach are close together.  Drive just a little bit (maybe 100 yards more) 
for the entry to Paradise Beach.

Below are photos from Ocean.  The last time I was at Ocean, there was still had free entry to this beach club and guests who order from the bar or restaurant were allowed free use of their beach chairs as well. 

Cozumel beaches

Cozumel beaches

Paradise Beach is just past Ocean and San Francisco Beach. At Paradise Beach there is a large swimming pool, a bar by the pool,  a restaurant, beach chairs, etc.  There is a small entry fee, and if you want to be able to use all the facilities, 
including the rafts in the ocean, there is an additional charge.  

Cozumel beach-Paradise Beach

Mr Sancho's Beach Club had free entry the last time we were there.  The swimming pool is small. 

Cozumel beach-Mr. Sanchos Cozumel beach-Mr. Sanchos

Cozumel Beaches on the Eastern Side of the Island

The eastern side of the island has a number of beautiful sand beaches but swimming over on the eastern side can be dangerous because of the current and undertow in the Gulf of Mexico so please be very careful. 

If you take Ave. Juarez in town going east, it becomes the transversal road that will take you to the 
eastern side of the island. 

Cozumel beach - Mezcalitos

Cozumel beaches-Mezcalitos

Cozumel beaches

Cozumel beach

As you reach the ocean (the island is only about 10 miles wide) just to your left is Mezcalitos, the ocean is in front of you and slightly to the right is Seņor Iguanas

The road goes to the right and as you continue your drive you'll enjoy the beautiful ocean view. After a bit of a drive, 
be on the looking for the sign for Coconuts

Walk up the stone steps leading to Coconuts as it's on a cliff, and you'll be treated to a wonderful view.

At the left is a look at the cliff where Coconuts is located, on the right, some of tables at Coconuts and below, one of the views.  Definitely worth a stop for lunch or for a beer, chips and salsa.

Cozumel beaches - Chen Rio

Cozumel beaches - Chen Rio

Not far south of Coconut is one of the most beautiful beaches on the eastern side... Chen Rio, and it's quite popular. 

Near the southern end of the island, the road turn back west and then goes north along the western side of the island. 
This stop is just across the road from the ocean.